Digital Marketing is a lot—a lot of time, tech, and targeting. Whether you need just a little help or a lot more, I can do it. I am here to be your Fairy Godkate, guiding you with kindness, patience, and expertise, no matter what you are up against.

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What is it like working with me?

Rachel Browder, Business Owner

While forming my new business, I needed support when it came to brand positioning and answers to a few web questions. Kate Izell came to mind immediately as an expert both in launching her own company and in helping small businesses become impactful online. I knew Kate would be an excellent resource for me because she has the analytical prowess to cut through the details to understand the exact pain points I was working to solve. Kate asked for a few specific pieces of information from me ahead of our consultation, and she produced key answers or solutions to get me started. As a baby entrepreneur, I knew my 30 minutes with Kate would be time well spent, but the value from this meeting saved me hours of research and likely weeks of self-doubt. 

Stephen Benedicto, Visual Artist

I was referred to Kate by a friend who gave her a glowing review.  Kate exceeded my already high expectations; I feel like that happens so rarely in life!  I hired her for a small project, and I received fantastic support.  One year later, when I had an even better sense of my needs, she helped me hone my project and make it exponentially more impactful with some creative additions.  Not only is she amazing at what she does (which is enough), but she is exceptional with her clients and has phenomenal business practices.  She listens, cares, and works with you to achieve your specific goals as if they were her own.  Kate is a proficient, warm, and innovative person to work with -- can you ask for anything more?

How we can work together


If you feel unsure or overlooked, you are not alone; I remember those feelings well. You need personalized help from someone who knows the struggles you are facing. I believe it can make all the difference to have someone in your corner.

  • Perhaps you have a promising business idea but limited experience or capital, and you don’t quite know where to start. You’ve done research on your own, but you remain confused and exhausted.

  • Perhaps you are looking for capital to develop your product or service. I can help you put together a digital marketing plan as you seek funding, giving you the tools to do better digital market research and grow your business.

  • Perhaps your biggest concern is attracting clients or customers so that you can generate income as soon as possible and quit your day job. I specialize in working with tiny budgets using little-known tricks of the trade for picking up your first batch of clients.

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I advise companies
and entrepreneurs on digital strategy

I started my digital marketing career in 2011, leaning on my math degree to isolate analytics that impact marketing decisions and drive results. I found I had a knack for understanding and leveraging data for results in digital marketing—PPC (pay-per-click), social media, SEO and content, website building, affiliate and referral marketing, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, marketing automation, brand consistency, and so much more.


I came up against a major hurdle within just a few years—I hit the ceiling in the company I was working for. I made the decision in 2015 to stop treading water in an environment that limited my potential, and in 2016, I set out on my own with a different vision of what business leadership could look like.

I wanted to create an emotionally-safe, collaborative environment where employees could thrive and grow. Fostering and encouraging a healthy work-life balance was very important to me. By focusing on these values, I have built Izell Marketing Group into a high-functioning core group of women, all with different strengths and specialties, who are extremely proficient in all aspects of digital marketing. Our business revenue and profit margins have grown steadily year-over-year, achieving 118% growth in revenue in 2019 and 53% growth in 2020. 

Hear Kate Speak

"Marketing For Your Future" with Kate Izell from Izell Marketing Group

"Marketing For Your Future" with Kate Izell from Izell Marketing Group

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Video Overview
  1. My favorite thing about having big agency experience is that I can use it to give small companies a leg up who couldn’t otherwise afford to get the help they need. Watch this interview with BluHorn TV to see if the needs and goals of your small business resonate with my own values.

  2. I was invited by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to talk with marketing students about the role of digital marketers in today's artificial intelligence-dominated world (AI).

  3. I got a call one day from a family business that was near closure due to the destructive impact from another digital marketing company. Find out how I was able to pave the way for a quick turnaround and help save the business.